Sodelavci SFU Ljubljana


jutta fiegl
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jutta Fiegl
Vice-Rector, Dean Faculty of Psychotherapy Science
gerhard benetka
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Benetka
Dean Faculty of Psychology, Chairman Academic Senate
Miran Možina
mag. Miran Možina, MSc, M.D., psychiatrist, systemic psychotherapist, educational therapist, supervisor
Director of SFU Ljubljana

Finished Master at Medicine Faculty (Uni. Lj), specialized in psychiatry. Worked as psychiatrist in Psychiatric hospital Vojnik, finished systemic psychotherapy education (Medicine Faculty, Zagreb). Has a private psychotherapy practice. Was assistant lecturer at Faculty for Social Work (Uni. Lj), leader of voluntary project of psychosocial help for children, adolescents, families (ODMEV). Finished education for teacher of system. family therapy (VFT, München). Holds ECP and Licence for Supervision in Social Care. Started the project of PTH science study in collaboration with SFU Vienna (2006). Is since 2013  lecturer and director of SFU Ljubljana. He is a coordinator of research activities at SFU Ljubljana, teacher in systemic psychotherapy training programme and Head of the Youth and adolescent psychotherapy psychotherapy training programme at SFU Ljubljana, lecturer at Bachelor and Master Pst science study programme at SFU Ljubljana.

Anja Štrukelj Kozina
doc. dr. Anja Štrukelj Kozina, prof. of physical education, intergative psychotherapist, educational therapist, supervisor
Head of Master Psychotherapy Science and other pschotherapy study programmes, manager of SFU Ljubljana team

2009 she became a professor of physical education at Faculty of Sport and completed Propaedeutic in psychotherapy at SFU Ljubljana. She continued studying at the 4-year post-graduate specialization studies in integrative psychotherapy and received the title of certified integrative psychotherapist (IIAP, EAIP, SDP, EAP). 2013 she finished doctoral program in marriage and family therapy, worked in the non-governmental organizations dealing with psychosocial support as a professional program manager six years. Currently is employed at SFU Ljubljana as head of studies and assistant psychotherapeutic science. She also does partner and individual psychotherapy in her private practice. 

dr. Andreja Poljanec, univ. dipl. psih, spec. zakonske in družinske terapije
dr. Andreja Poljanec, univ. dipl. psih, spec. marital and family therapist, supervisor
Head of Bachelor Psychology study programme, Assistant professor

Her doctors thesis was 'Safe parenting from the perspective of relational and family theory and therapy'. From the year 2014 on she runs a project 'Aid to young families in need', last four years she teaches at the University of Sigmund Freud in Ljubljana and on the School of advanced social studies.  From the January 2019, she coordinates the study of psychology on the Sigmund Freud University, Ljubljana.

She is the author of many scientific and professional articles, books (Between two fires, Sensibility to children, Sensible parenting), audio and video recordings, and is an active participant in national and international conferences. With her coworkers she founded the institute »Study and Research Centre for the Family«, where she also works and is the professional leader of it. She is socially active; in 2021 and 2022 she was a member of the Government’s Strategic Council for Social Policy and is a member of the editorial board of KAIROS - Slovenian Journal of Psychotherapy.

izr. prof. dr. Lia Katarina Kompan Erzar, univ. dipl. psih., terapevtka individualne, zakonske in družinske terapije, supervizorka z licenco SZS
Assoc. prof. Lia Katarina Kompan Erzar, univ. dipl. psih., individual, marital and family therapist, licensed supervisor
Head of Master Psychology study programme, Associate professor

Marital and family therapist, an associate professor of marriage and family therapy at the Theological Faculty University of Ljubljana, and associate professor at SFU Ljubljana. As a therapist works in social welfare as an independent consultant and licensed supervisor in a project "Therapeutic help to families facing emotional, physical and sexual violence", funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs. Her research interests are: parenting, marital relationship and neuropsychological basis of attachment. She publishes her research work in scientific articles and books: The discovery of the relationship, The hidden power of the family, Love heals memory, Sensitivity to children and Attachment theory.

dr. Matej Černigoj, univ. dipl. psih.
doc. dr. Matej Černigoj, univ. dipl. psih.
Head of Bachelor Psychotherapy Science study programme, Assistant professor


Jasna Možina
asist. Jasna Možina, univ. dipl. ekol.
Head of the Administration
Nika Krelj
Nika Krelj
Proffesional associate in the Student office
Neža Kožar
Mojca Tompa
Mojca Tompa
Secretary, accountant, bookkeeper
Kaja Ulčar
Kaja Ulčar, mag. psih.
Head of the Student office

Pedagoški sodelavci

asist. dr. Bogdan Polajner, univ. dipl. psih., bonding psihoterapevt
dr. Bogdan Polajner, univ. dipl. psih., bonding psychotherapist

Born in Maribor. Undergraduate (1990), master's (1994) and doctoral studies of Psychology (1998) has passed on the FF-UL. Employment way: Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), A. Trstenjak Institute; Society "Project Man"; Institute for Addiction; Institute Soca; current job position: UP-FAMNIT and ZBPS. Education in foreign countries including 6-years training in bonding psychotherapy in CEIS in Rome (at 2000 - BP Fellow; at 2014 Teaching Fellow). As a psychotherapist he is working in Koper and Ljubljana (for persons with emotional and relational problems, addicts etc).

Doc. dr. Emil Benedik, spec. klin. psih., psychoanalitic
doc. dr. Emil Benedik, spec. klin. psih., psychoanalitic, educational therapist, supervisor

B.A. in Psychology, M.S. in Psychology of Personality, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Department for Psychology, University of Ljubljana), Psy.D. - Specialization in Clinical Psychology (Medical Faculty, Uni. Lj). Works as clinical psychologist (Psychiatric Hospital Begunje) - individual and group psychotherapy of psychotic, neurotic and borderline patients, psychodiagnostics, team work (consultant), supervisior, mentorship for students of clinical psychology. Is an assistant professor at SFU Ljubljana and  Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology Maribor. Works as forensic psychology expert for Slovenian Ministry of justice. Has a private psychotherapeutic practice (psychoanalytic and cognitive psychotherapy).

Sr. lect. mag. Janko Bohak, spec. klin. psih., psychoanalitic
Sr. lect. mag. Janko Bohak, spec. klin. psih., psychoanalitic, educational therapist, supervisor

1965-71 studies at Faculty of Theology (University of Ljubljana). 1973-76 post graduated studies of Pastoral Psychology (University of Innsbruck, Mag. scie). 1978-82 studies at Faculty of Psychology, University of Innsbruck, Qualifying Course of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, in »Innsbrucker Kreis für Psychoanalyse«. 1989-92 specialization in Clinical Psychology, Faculty of medicine (University of Ljubljana). 1986-1997 continuation of Psychoanalytical education and diploma in »Grazer Arbeitskreis für Psychoanalyse« in 2004. Since 2002 is a educational therapist, supervisor and Psychotherapy teacher in Slovenian umbrella organization for Psychotherapy, from 2013 at SFU Ljubljana. The main point: Theorie of psychoanalysis.

Albert Mrgole, univ. dipl. psih., sistemski psihoterapevt
viš. pred. dr. Albert Mrgole, univ. dipl. psih., sistemski psihoterapevt
Aleksander Lavrini
asist. Aleksander Lavrini, university degree in pedagogy and Slovene language and literatire, psychoanalitic psychotherapist

He studied at Faculty of Arts (Uni Lj) and holds titles of University Degree Pedagogue and Professor of Slovene language and literature. He studied propedeutics and psychoanalysis at SFU Lj. He attends doctoral programme at SFU Wien and is in the process of becoming a supervisor in psychotherapy. At SFU Lj he works as a tutor, mentor to students – giving presentations of clinical cases in therapy to specialistic students, a supervizor and since 2016/17 also a teacher. He is a certified psychoanalytical psychotherapist at the ECPP and a member of EZPPS (European association of psychoanalytical approaches – Slovenia). He has a private practice for individual and group psychotherapy.

Univ.-Ass. Dr. Amrei C. Zopf-Jörchel
dr. Amrei C. Zopf-Jörchel, asist., univ. dipl. psih.

Amrei C. Zopf-Joerchel is a cultural and developmental psychologist mainly interested in the relation between culture and the development of persons. Here her focus lies on combining historical and current approaches to better understand the relationship. She is teaching cultural and developmental psychology at the Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversity and is working in private praxis in Vienna as a clinical psychologist with children and their families. 


dr. Barbara Debeljak Rus, univ. dipl. psih.
dr. Barbara Debeljak Rus, univ. dipl. psih.
doc. dr. Bernard Nežmah
doc. dr. Bernard Nežmah, univ. dipl. soc.
Bojan Regvar
Bojan Regvar, PhD in Human Resource management

Graduated from Social Sciences, with master’s degree and Ph.D. from Human resource management. He has three decades of experience in Social Welfare, including the position at the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. Currently employed as a president of the Academy for Social Sciences, involved in education. An author of several articles and congress publications; granted with several International Projects and mentored numerous diploma students. Teaching experience: Covers the field of social security- the policy and strategies in social welfare, available job market, and the necessity of psychotherapy in social welfare.

Božidar Popović, dr. med. spec. psychiatrist, systemic psychotherapist, supervisor
Božidar Popović, dr. med. spec. psychiatrist, systemic psychotherapist, supervisor

He is a psychiatrist (M.D., Medical Faculty, University Zagreb) and a systemic psychotherapist (Cybernetic of Psychotherapy, Psychiatry Clinic KBC Zagreb; ECP). He is also a Mater Practitioner of of Neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Since 2009 he has been working in the Counselling Centre for youths and families, since 2008 as Psychiatrist in General Hospital Nasice; 2004–2008 he was a resident of psychiatry in General Hospital Nasice, 2000-2004 he was a Medical doctor in HMP Valpovo.

Danijela Moškov
Danijela Moškov, , dr. med. spec. psihiater
prim. Dušan Žagar,, Neuropsychiatrist, Psychiatrist, Neurologist, Psychotherapist, Group Analyst
Prim. Dušan Žagar,, Neuropsychiatrist, Psychiatrist, Neurologist, Psychotherapist, Group Analyst

Faculty of Arts, Psychology; Medical Faculty LJ, general medicine; neuropsychiatry. 1987 head of Department of Forensic and Social Psychiatry, Psychiatric Clinic LJ; 1987-1989 study of forensic psychiatry, Medical Faculty ZG; 1988- 1991 Transactional Analysis training; 1988- leadership of Balint groups; 1989- legal expert in Psychiatry; 1992 Psychotherapist title, Slovene Medical Society; 1992-1997 course in Group Analysis, Institute of Group Analysis, London; 1998- cofounder, vice president of the Slovenian Society for Group Analysis; Cofounder, vice president of the Slovenian Association of Forensic Experts in Psychiatry; 2002- independant practise; 2014/15- Psychiatry course at SFU LJ

Gašper Cankar
dr. Gašper Cankar , univ.dipl.psih.
doc. dr. Helena Jeriček Klanšček, mag. soc. ped.
doc. dr. Helena Jeriček Klanšček, mag. soc. ped.

She holds a PhD in Social Pedagogy, has completed 4 year training programme in Systemic Psychotherapy, is an Assistant Professor of Health Promotion (Faculty of Health Care Jesenice) and Assistant Teaching Professor of Social Pedagogy (Faculty of Education). Works at the National Institute of Public Health as a Public Health Expert. Is a National Coordinator of Health Behaviour in School- Aged Children (HBSC) study, teaches at Faculty of Education, the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care Jesenice and SFU Ljubljana. Had directed and participated in various research projects. Has published more than 40 scientific articles and is a first author/co-author of scientific and professional monographs.

Ingrid Plankar
asist. Ingrid Plankar, mag. farm., psychoanalitic psychotherapist

I studied Pharmacy and  became a Master of Pharmacy. I was working in company Schering-Plough. I started to study psychotherapy in 2013 I started with Doctoral program. I started to work with clients as specialist of psychoanalysis. In 2013 I received the Practitioner certificate from ECPP and Certificate as training analyst and as supervisor. In 2013 I was leading SFU clinic. From 2014 I give lectures of Psychopharmacology. In last five years I have actively cooperated with several societies: leading workshops and giving lectures. I was educating for a psychoanalytical group therapist in Institute for group psychoanalysis Ljubljana.

Irena Bezić
dr. Irena Bezić, klinična psihologinja, geštalt psihoterapevtka, suprvizorka
Jan Kovačič, univ. dipl. psih.
Jan Kovačič, univ. dipl. psih.

Jan Kovačič je organizacijski psiholog, coach in specializant psihoterapvtske smeri transakcijska analiza. Trenutno je doktorski študent na študiju Psihologije osebnosti (univerza v Ljubljani), kjer pod mentorstvom prof. dr. Valentina Bucika raziskuje visoki potencial v organizacijah. Doktorski študij je posledica večletnega ukvarjanja s prepoznavanjem in razvijanjem potencialov, ki se spremenijo v osebnostni in organizacijski kapital na delovnem mestu. Jan leta 2017 ustanovil tim uporabna psihologija, nato pa z letom 2020 ustvaril novo podjetje Uporabna psihologija z namenom, da posameznike opolnomoči s konkretnimi znanji in psihološkimi orodji, s katerimi postajajo bolj zadovoljni, zavzeti in zdravi. 

Področje raziskovanja:

  • Coaching v delovnih organizacijah
  • Visoki potencial in talenti v delovnih organizacijah
Jernej Vidmar
Jernej Vidmar, univ. dipl. psih., specialist klinične psihologije in kognitivno-vedenjski psihoterapevt
izr. prof. dr. Jože Ramovš, antropolog in socialni delavec, logoterapevt
izr. prof. dr. Jože Ramovš, antropolog in socialni delavec, logoterapevt, učni terapevt in supervizor
pred. Katarina Možina
pred. Katarina Možina, univ. dipl. socialna delavka, psihoterapevtka, učna terapevtka, supervizorka
katarina kosmrlj muha
viš. pred. mag. Katarina Košmrlj Muha
doc. dr. Lea Šugman Bohinc, univ. dipl. psih., sistemska psihoterapevtka
doc. dr. Lea Šugman Bohinc, univ. dipl. psih., sistemska psihoterapevtka, učna terapevtka, supervizorka
dr. Leonida Kobal, univ. dipl. psih., systemic psychotherapist
doc. dr. Leonida Kobal, univ. dipl. psih., systemic psychotherapist, educational therapist, supervisor

A psychologist, psychotherapist, lecturer and researcher, has a PhD in clinical psychology (Uni. Lj). She was a researcher and teacher at Faculty of Social Work (Uni. Lj), now at SFU and institutes for psychotherapy. She is the author of several scientific articles, worked in the field of voluntary work with children and adolescents. She leads a private psychotherapy practice where she works with individuals, couples, families, groups. She combines knowledge of developmental, psychoanalytic, attachment and system theory and family systemic psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, EMDR, group dynamics, creative and body-centered approaches, NLP, integrative gestalt therapy, yoga and meditation.

dr. Marija Pepelnak Arnerić
dr. Marija Pepelnak Arnerić, učiteljica glasbe, prof. defektologije, mag. socialne pedagogike, doktorica psihologije, svetnica

Na Pedagoški fakulteti je študirala glasbeno vzgojo in nadaljevala študij defektologije in tudi magistrirala. Na Filozofski fakulteti je doktorirala s temo  Model ustvarjalnosti pri delu z nasilnimi učenci. Več let je bila na delovnem mestu učiteljice glasbe in ravnateljice. Trenutno je zaposlena kot izvajalka dodatne strokovne pomoči učencem s posebnimi potrebami in učiteljica glasbe, izvaja pa tudi pouk glasbe v osnovni šoli za odrasle in mladostnike, ki niso zaključili rednega šolanja.

Raziskuje in objavlja zlasti o vlogi ustvarjalnosti in umetnosti pri delu z otroki in mladostniki s posebnimi potrebami.

Lect. Marino Kačič, Bachelor of Social Work and Systemic Therapist
asist. Marino Kačič, Bachelor of Social Work and Systemic Therapist

Works at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Ljubljana, and at the Faculty of Psychotherapy Science of Sigmund Freud University in Ljubljana. His practice includes 10 years’ work at a rehabilitation unit, 13 years’ work with children and youth with behaviour and other problems, and 20 years’ experience in psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families. After graduation, he received education for a psychotherapist: 4 years in Psychotherapy Cybernetics (Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Department of Psychiatry) and 4 years in Systemic Family Therapy (Verein zur Förderung der Familientherapie und –beratung e.V.). He has an ECP (EAP) diploma in psychotherapy.

dr. Maša Žvelc, univ. dipl. psih., integrativna psihoterapevtka
dr. Maša Žvelc, univ. dipl. psih., integrativna psihoterapevtka, učna terapevtka, supervizorka
doc. dr. Mihael Černetič, univ. dipl. psih., integrative therapist
doc. dr. Mihael Černetič, univ. dipl. psih., integrative therapist, educational therapist

In 2003 he graduated on the Faculty of Arts of the University in Ljubljana (Department of Psychology) and obtained a degree in psychology. In 2012, the same institution awarded him a PhD title for a dissertation on the relationship between anxiety and mindfulness. In 2013 he obtained the title certified integrative psychotherapist by the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association. In 2016 he was appointed assistant professor of psychotherapy science on the Faculty of Psychotherapy Science of Sigmund Freud University in Ljubljana where he is involved as teacher and researcher. In addition, he conducts psychotherapy and psychological counseling in his private practice.

dr. Mitja Trojar
dr. Mitja Trojar
nataša babič
Nataša Babič, , spec. pedagog., prof. defektologije
dr. Nataša Dernovšček Hafner, univ. dipl. psih.
dr. Nataša Dernovšček Hafner, univ. dipl. psih.
Nina Bras Meglič, univ. dipl. psih., spec. klin. psih.
Nina Bras Meglič, univ. dipl. psih., spec. klin. psih.
Nuša Kovačević Tojnko
asist. dr. Nuša Kovačević Tojnko, psihoanalitična psihoterapevtka (ECPP)
Parov Anzelc
asist. Parov Anzelc, uni. dipl. fil., psychoanalytic therapist ECPP, supervisor in process

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, 2005-2010; program: Philosophy; major in theoretical psychoanalysis, title of the thesis: Meaning of free associations for psychoanalysis and its development: Einfall as an element of Freudian epistemology. Thesis grade: summa cum laude (10).

Slovenian Institute for Psychotherapy Propedeutics from Psychotherapy (now Sigmund Freud Private University Ljubljana): propaedeutic & psychoanalytic modality study.

SFU Vienna (Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna), Doctoral studies in progress.

mag. Peter Markič, univ. dipl. psih.
mag. Peter Markič, univ. dipl. psih.
doc. dr. Robert Oravecz, dr. med., spec. psihiater in psihoterapevt
doc. dr. Robert Oravecz, dr. med., spec. psychiatrist, psychotherapist

Medical University Pécs (Hungary) 1980-1986  MD degree  (Cum Laude)
University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) 1988 – 1990 Department of Philosophy –philosophy
University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) 1993 – 1996  Institute of Human Sciences –discourse studies
University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) 1994-1995  Medical School - 1993-1996 Specialization of Psychiatry leading to Certification in Psychiatry
University of Pécs (Hungary)  (2003) Department of Psychology : PhD in psychology (Summa Cum Laude)
Primorska University  (Slovenia) 2012 Habilitation (Assistant professor - suicidology)
Szemmelweis University  (Hungary)  2013 Certification in Psychotherapy.

Regional Hospital Szigetvar (Hungary) 1986-1987
Medical Center of Yugoslav Army at Ljubljana (1988-1991)  as GP
Ministry of Defence of Slovenia  1991 -1994  Advisor
Psychiatric Hospital Ormoz (1994 - till present) - Psychiatrist
Part time lecturer  at  SFU Ljubljana, 2007 - till present  

dr. Sabina Đuvelek, asist.
dr. Sabina Đuvelek, asist., mag. psih.
Samira Lah
Samira Lah, , univ dipl. ped. in soc. kulture, mag. psihologije, realitetna terapevtka
simona tancig
Izr. prof. dr. Simona Tancig, , univ. dipl. psih. in specialistka supervizije
dr. Tamara Prevendar, univ. dipl. psih.
dr. Tamara Prevendar, univ. dipl. psih.

Masters in Psychology from University of Zagreb, Croatia; PhD in Psychotherapy Science from Sigmund Freud University Vienna.
Work experience: school psychologist and psychologist / psychotherapist in private practice; lecturer at SFU Vienna and Ljubljana since 2019

Research information and publications:

dr. Tarek el Sehity
dr. Tarek El Sehity, mag. psih.

A researcher, lecturer and scientific coordinator of the division of Business- and Economic Psychology at the Sigmund Freud University and since 2009 and an associated researcher of the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technologies of the Italian National Research Council. As a lecturer and scientific coordinator he feels that his responsibility lies in the transfer of knowledge which students recognize as relevant to their real-life professional purpose and aspirations. Understanding and fostering what matters most to students' future, supporting their mission as psychologists in tomorrows society is critical.

Field of research: Psychology of Family Enterprises, Psychology of Money, Psychology of Purpose and Values

doc. dr. Tatjana Rožič
doc. dr. Tatjana Rožič, univ. dipl. soc. delavka, spec. zakonske in družinske terapije, supervizorka
mag. Tatjana Verbnik Dobnikar
mag. Tatjana Verbnik Dobnikar, geštalt psihoterapevtka, supervizorka
Tibor Rutar
doc. dr. Tibor Rutar, sociolog in politolog
Doc. dr. Tina Bregant,, spec. pediatrije, spec. fizikalne in rehabilitacijske medicine
Doc. dr. Tina Bregant,, spec. pediatrije, spec. fizikalne in rehabilitacijske medicine

Doc. dr. Tina Bregant je po diplomi leta 2002 na Medicinski fakulteti v Ljubljani opravljala delo mlade raziskovalke in specializantke pediatrije na Kliničnem oddelku za otroško, mladostniško in razvojno nevrologijo Pediatrične klinike v Ljubljani do leta 2013, ko je nadaljevala delo kot specialistka pediatrije in doktorica znanosti s področja otroške nevrologije. Od leta 2015 je bila zaposlena na Univerzitetnem Rehabilitacijskem Institutu v Ljubljani, kjer je opravila dodatno specializacijo s področja fizikalne in rehabilitacijske medicine. V času epidemije COVID-19 je bila imenovana v posvetovalno skupino vlade za boj proti COVID, od koder je bila nato imenovana na mesto državne sekretarke na Ministrstvu za zdravje in nato vodja kabineta. Trenutno je zaposlena kot pediatrinja in fiziatrinja v zavodu CIRIUS Kamnik. Kot predavateljica in mentorica sodeluje v programih Kognitivne Znanosti, Fakultete za zdravstvo, Medicinske fakultete in Pedagoške fakultete. Sodeluje pri oblikovanju državnih programov, ki spodbujajo otroke v razvoju. V veselje in navdih so ji otroci in njihov razvoj. Verjame, da kdor se ukvarja z otroki, se ukvarja z našo prihodnostjo.

Področje raziskovanja: pediatrija, pediatrična nevrologija, razvojna pediatrija, javno zdravje, otroci in mladostniki.


Tina Rahne Mandelj
dr. Tina Rahne Mandelj, univ. dipl. soc. delavka, zakonska in družinska terapevtka, supervizorka
Tit Albreht
doc. dr. Tit Albreht, dr. med.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Tit Albreht, M.D. (1961), Slovenian, Ph.D. in Health Services Research at the University of Amsterdam, Head of the Centre for Health Care at the National Institute of Public Health of Slovenia, senior researcher in the field of health services research and health systems research, member of the Scientific Committee of EUPHA, president of the Slovenian Preventive Medicine Society, member of the Health Council of the Ministry of Health of Slovenia. He is an Associate Professor of Public Health at the Medical Faculty of Ljubljana, Slovenia and teaching public health and epidemiology at the Medical Faculty of Maribor, at the University of Primorska and at the SFU.

urška ajdišek
Urška Ajdišek, , jungovska analitičarka (IAAP)
urška battelino
asist. Urška Battelino, mag. pth. , psihoanalitična psihoterapevtka, supervizorka in učna analitičarka
asist. dr. Vesna Mirt, univ. dipl. psih., spec. zakonske in družinske terapije, supervizorka
asist. dr. Vesna Mirt, univ. dipl. psih., spec. zakonske in družinske terapije, supervizorka

Tutorji in supervizorji

Lea Prešeren McCann
Lea McCann Prešeren, , magistrandka psihoterapevtske znanosti, specializantka psihoanalitične psihoterapije
asistentka tutorjem
neza dordic
Neža Đorđić, BA pth., specializantka sistemske psihoterapije
asistentka tutorjem
Simona Lenassi
Simona Mikec, univ. dipl. geogr. in pedag., sistemska psihoterapevtka