študij psihologije sfu ljubljana


SFU Ljubljana offers the academic study programme of Psychology at two levels:



The implementation of the study program has been confirmed by the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (SQAA), decision no. 6033-4 / 2015/9 of 19th of January 2017 and by the Austrian National Accreditation Body "Akkreditierung Austria" (on 12th of September 2018). The department in Slovenia works under the Faculty of Psychology at SFU Vienna.

The psychology study programme at the Sigmund Freud Unviersity is modern and responds to the current needs of society and the individual in it. It considers cultural sciences and thus offers an alternative to the prevailing approach towards psychology as belonging exclusively to the natural sciences.

The program is designed in accordance with the guidelines and standards of the European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA).

According to the Bologna system the academic study programmes are valued in credit points (ECTS) - one study semester is worth 30 ECTS.



Special features of the Psychology study programme at SFU Ljubljana
  • Engaged teaching, individualized approach and study support.
  • Working and learning in small groups.
  • Under the expert mentorship of the professional staff SFU enables student’s early involvement in research projects.
  • In tutoring groups the students solve problems during their studies, present new ideas, evaluate, socialize and learn to listen to different opinions and each other.
  • In the study programme, theory and practice are interconnected in the context of learning moderation techniques, leadership and team dynamics, etc.
  • In addition to basic knowledge of psychology, the study also includes self-awareness exercises.
  • The students have a possibility of student exchanges and meeting guest lecturers from the international branches of the Sigmund Freud University.
Psihologija za vsakogar - sklop dogodkov

"Psihologija za vsakogar" je naslov mesečnih tematskih dogodkov z gosti psihologi. Psihologija na zelo različne načine posega na mnoga področja našega življenja, včasih bolj včasih pa manj zavedno. Zato bo z nami vsakič strokovnjak, ki nam bo na poljudno-strokoven način približal vedo, ki se tiče prav vsakogar izmed nas!

Vabljeni, da se nam pridružite na dogodkih - aktualne dogodke lahko preverite na povezavi!

Vabljeni tudi, da obiščete youtube kanal SFU Ljubljana, kjer si lahko ogledate nekatere pretekle dogodke Psihologije za vsakogar.