International office

The purpose of the international office at SFU Ljubljana is to provide all the necessary information and support for students, teachers, researches and staff of SFU in order to make organisation and execution of international exchanges, projects and other activities in the international sphere possible.

The international office collaborates with the academic staff in coordinating the Erasmus+ programme, internal exchanges between SFU branches, other international projects and exchanges, bilateral agreements with other Universities etc.



Jasna  Možina
International office, Erasmus+ Coordinator

+386 (0)1 425 44 33


Program Erasmus+ is EU based program between 2014-2020 which purpose is to support areas such as education, trainings, youth and sport activities. It is intended for all students, high-school teachers and practitioners that wish to broaden their horizon of knowledge and experiences abroad. Erasmus+ combines all EU’s ongoing international programs: Erasmus, Transveral, Leonardo, Grundtvig, Youth in Action. Faculty of psychotherapy science of the Sigmund Freud University in Ljubljana will start with Erasmus+ program with October 2016.

To be able to grasp the most of your experience as Erasmus student abroad we invite you to visit the following link, where few obligations and rights are outlined to enhance what you can expect from your sending and receiving organisations at each step of your Erasmus+ experience:

Key activities and goals of Erasmus+:

  • To gain valuable experience in education, work and social networking
  • International partnership between different organisation and educational institutions with purpose to modernise and cooperation between the fields of education and work
  • To support the mobility of individuals (from student to teaching staff).
  • To support the strategic partnership between educational institutions, companies, NGO’s, youth organisations, local and regional authorities

Projects of learning mobility for individuals are meant to support mobility for the purpose of study, education, teaching, practicing and volunteering:

  • Teaching staff
  • Professional courses and training
  • Higher education sector
  • Grownups education

Purpose and goal of Erasmus+ programs is to enable vast varieties of experience for individuals that will bring long-term positive effects on their growth, capabilities, professionalism on private and career level. Through connection of different areas and organisations programs encourage development, transfer and execution of innovative practice on local and global level, as well as support and modernize systems of education, work and youth trainings for their ability to respond to today’s challenges.

Useful links:




Erasmus charter for higher education 2014-2020

Erasmus listina za terciarno izobraževanje 2014-2020


Erasmus charter for higher education 2014-2020

Exchanges between international SFU branches

The Sigmund Freud University encourages students to participate in the study exchanges between branches of the SFU in different parts of Europe.

Beside the headquarters in Vienna, there are branches in Linz, Paris, Berlin and Milano.


For more information please contant the international office of SFU Ljubljana or a specific SFU branch.


Other international collaborations

SFU Ljubljana has signed a MOU - Memorandum of understanding with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2019.