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Dear graduates, dear students,  

At SFU Ljubljana, we believe that staying in touch after graduation is an opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to join the Alumni Club, which forms the network of SFU Ljubljana alumni (both academic and non-academic study programmes). The purpose of the Alumni Club is to create a stimulating environment for development of ideas, exchange of information, experiences and (co)knowledge between students, alumni, professors and partners of SFU Ljubljana. In addition, we aim to offer programmes and activities for those, who would like to refresh their professional knowledge or upgrade it further. Important part of the activities are therefore also regular professional and social meetings.

You are all very welcome to actively co-create the content and activities of the Alumni Club. Contact us via e-mail ( and let us know if would like to present your own content or otherwise contribute to our meetings, events and activities. You can also write to us to get onto our Alumni mailing list.


We look forward to creating a lasting bond with all SFU alumni!

Seznam Alumnih SFU Ljubljana

Predstavljamo vam Alumne SFU Ljubljana in sicer diplomante magistrskega študija Psihoterapevtske znanosti, ki so pridobili naziv Magister/a Psychotherapiewissenschaft (Psihoterapevtske znanosti) oz. Magisterium (Masters' degree) in  Psychotherapy Science (Mag.pth.) in naziv psihoterapevt določenega psihoterapevtskega pristopa ter diplomante neformalnega specialističnega študija psihoterapije na SFU Ljubljana, ki so pridobili naziv psihoterapevt določenega psihoterapevtskega pristopa.


Ime in priimek Datum pridobitve naziva Naziv
Sever Damjan 10.07.2014 Mag.pth., psihoanalitični psihoterapevt
Širnik Ksenija 20.09.2014 Mag.pth., sistemska psihoterapevtka
Penko Jerica 23.03.2015 Mag.pth., sistemska psihoterapevtka
Mojca Gubina 26.05.2016 Mag.pth., geštalt psihoterapevtka
Battelino Urška 25.05.2016 Mag.pth., psihoanalitična psihoterapevtka
Štefanija Šramel 23.11.2018  Mag.pth., psihoanalitična psihoterapevtka
Mojca Ručna 16.03.2018 Mag.pth., psihoanalitična psihoterapevtka
Mateja Hajšek Semrajc 21.12.2018 Mag.pth., psihoanalitična psihoterapevtka
Martina Vajs 15.02.2019 Mag.pth., geštalt psihoterapevtka
Jaka Henigman 16.12.2019 Mag.pth., psihoanalitični psihoterapevt
Malka Čeh 26.06.2020 Mag.pth., psihoanalitična psihoterapevtka
Maja Bertok 11.07.2022 Mag.pth., psihodinamska psihoterapevtka (zunanji pristop)