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Faculty of Psychotherapy Science of Sigmund Freud University in Ljubljana (shortened: SFU Ljubljana) is a private institution, that carries out educational, scientific, research, study and counselling activities in the psychotherapy field.

Basic info

Official name of the institution: Fakulteta za psihoterapevtsko znanost Univerze Sigmunda Freuda v Ljubljani

Short name of the institution: SFU Ljubljana

English translation of the name: Faculty of Psychotherapy Science of Sigmund Freud University in Ljubljana


Address: Trubarjeva cesta 65, SI -1000 Ljubljana

Phone: + 386 (0)1/ 425 44 33

E-mail: referat@sfu-ljubljana.si


Identification No.: 6428878000

Tax No.: 38029812

Transaction account: SI56 3400 0101 5852 361

Payment code and purpose: STDY

Bank's Bic code: KSPKSI22XXX

Our mission

Fun fact: In the study year 2016/17, there were students coming from 83 diffrent countries studying at the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna and all it's branches.


The name of Sigmund Freud Private University honours the life work of Sigmund Freud, whose efforts to understand the human being, have created one of the most important intellectual movements of the twentieth century. Even today the efforts still serve as the basis and impetus for exploration of the human psyche.


Sigmund Freud Private University’s mission:

  • offers study programmes and research opportunities in disciplines where high quality teaching and researches can be provided;
  • in an open and tolerant community of lecturers and students respects the freedom of science and its doctrine, as well as commitment to the scientific way of thinking;
  • supports the personal development of students to enable them to take professional and social responsibility as post-graduates;
  • encourages cooperation with other universities and research programmes as well as institutions and organizations that are active in the academic field.


With the competence and engagement of management and collegiate body, the SFU complied with these requirements, and obtained the re-accreditation in 2010. 

The field of work and activities

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Organisational Structure

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Leading bodies/functions

The leading functions/bodies at SFU Ljubljana:

  • Director,
  • Dean,
  • Deputy dean,
  • Senate,
  • Faculty assembly,
  • Governance board,
  • Student council.

For the quality control and the cooperation between SFU Vienna and SFU Ljubljana, a special department at SFU Vienna was established. The secretary’s office for foreign language education and Student office of SFU Ljubljana are responsible for constant flow of information on the administrative level.

In the process of constant self-evaluation, SFU Ljubljana monitors and assesses the quality of it's work. Based on data analysis and information collected throughout the study year, SFU can set new goals for the future development and improvement of quality. Therefore, self-evaluation represents an important tool for continuous evolution of SFU Ljubljana. The Quality management reports for the past years are available on SFU Ljubljana’s website.

Responsibility statement

All written material on SFU Ljubljana's website has been revised. Regardless, there is no absolute guarantee for the information to be correct, perfect or up to date.  The responsibility of Sigmund Freud Private University is therefore excluded. The connections with external websites are carefully selected. Sigmund Freud Private University is not able to influence the content of these websites and can therefore not take any responsibility.

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